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Why QuickTrac?

Make your business more successful
and easier to manage

QuickTrac is a patented field-proven business scanner currently
being used by some of the most successful automotive
repair companies to monitor and improve their business.

Manage your business by the numbers
and watch it thrive

Your sales and production performance is available at a
glance allowing owners, managers, and employees to constantly adjust their behavior to assure goals are met.

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Boost your team’s productivity,
sales, and morale

QuickTrac lets your Service Advisors and Technicians
see and manage their own performance. The result:
enhanced sales and productivity, increased employee
satisfaction and a winning spirit in your company.

Ensure sustained results from your investment in training and consulting
Instead of waiting for a financial statement to tell you if
what you are doing has improved your bottom line,
QuickTrac lets you know immediately.

Tony & Darcy Blazek Blazek Diagnostics
Nate Smith
Nate Smith's Optimal Auto
Maylon Newton
Educational Seminars Institute

QuickTrac is like a scan tool for my business. I couldn't do without it!"
Nate Smith's Optimal Auto, Santa Cruz, CA

"I am really glad we got QuickTrac. We saw immediate improvements in Sales (20%) and Productivity (28%) after using it." Nikki Ayers-Ayers Automotive, Santa Barbara, CA

"Our shop productivity is up 30+ hours per week." Fred Farris-Paul and Sons Automotive, Ridge Crest, CA

"I have $12,000 more a month to take to the bank from the same 2 technicians." Thom Paker-Thoms 4 Wheel Drive, Chicago, IL

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