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QuickTrac is a UNIQUE business
management tool you can’t afford to ignore

QuickTrac is a patented Web-based business management tool for the automotive service and repair industry designed to help owners and managers track key information that is most important to success.

QuickTrac is designed to focus employees on team and personal goals, instantly reporting progress towards those goals to the employee, the manager and the owner.

QuickTrac improves communication and performance by giving instant feedback to employees, improving profitability and making management easier.

QuickTrac is a SCAN TOOL for your business

QuickTrac tracks the performance of your service advisors and the productivity of your technicians in real time. It makes forward projections based on current sales and production rates and compares them with your stated business goals.

QuickTrac allows you to see what is wrong and fix it while you can still make a difference.

You need not be a computer expert

QuickTrac was designed by business and automotive professionals, not by computer experts. You will find that it is easy to use and intuitive. Because it is a hosted service, there is no software for you to install or maintain. You will always access the most up-to-date version on every computer in your shop. Access is secure and available from any web browser, anywhere, anytime. You can keep an eye on your business even when you are not there.

Enjoy a huge return on your investment

We made QuickTrac exceptionally affordable. Existing users are seeing increases in sales and productivity of 10-28%, which means that QuickTrac pays for itself immediately and gives you a sizeable return.

Routine data entry into QuickTrac by your staff takes only seconds per work order and gives them and you instant access to real-time data. The minimal amount of time that it takes to enter data is more than offset by the valuable time saved in not having to chase numbers at the end of the month or quarter, and the fact that you have the data when you can still do something about it.

Features and Benefits

  • Hosted application
    • No software to install or maintain
    • Affordable, no IT costs
  • Web based
    • Secure access from anywhere, anytime
  • Graphical, color-coded dashboard and displays
    • All key information visible at a glance
  • Real-time input
    • Real-time productivity and efficiency tracking
    • Real-time sales performance tracking
  • Performance versus goal tracking
    • Empowers users. Fosters competitive spirit
  • Real-time results
    • Quickly see effectiveness of business actions
  • Advertising & Marketing results tracking
    • Better allocate marketing investments
  • Warranty reporting
    • Greater awareness & timely management of quality issues
  • Forward business projections
    • Enables timely, proactive course corrections

For those shops that already monitor and manage their business with key indicators

QuickTrac drastically reduces time that is spent chasing the numbers. Key numbers are automatically generated by quick and routine input from employees. Simple and easy-to-understand reports and projections assist in spotting trends and making important management decisions within a timeframe that will affect today’s bottom line positively




See your business performance
at a glance

QuickTrac's intuitive graphical display provides at-a-glance information on the health of your business and on current trends, highlighting performance gaps between goals and actual performance. The summary dashboard can be set to stay on the top of your computer screen for continuous monitoring and instant visibility.

QuickTrac makes it easy for each of your team members to easily understand his/her performance against their own and the team’s goals. By heeding early warning signs you can act swiftly and remedy emerging troubles before they turn into major problems.

In addition, QuickTrac tracks non-billable time, a major source of profit erosion. QuickTrac also tracks the response to your advertising expenditures and gives you up-to-the-minute data on what is working and what is not. It helps you and your manager better control expenses and better optimize the allocation of your resources.

QuickTrac enhances, does not displace, your existing POS

QuickTrac is not a point-of-sale system. It works with any point-of-sale system. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on software and maintenance to get real numbers in real time.

QuickTrac leverages your investment in training or
management assistance

QuickTrac provides critical instrumentation and diagnostics for your business.

QuickTrac does not replace business consultants/trainers you may have hired. But by granting them access to real-time data they can be much more effective and therefore yield a better return for your money. With access to real-time diagnostics, your consultant can devise and help you implement focused action plans more quickly. And thanks to QuickTrac you will know immediately if their recommendations are working.

Field Proven

QuickTrac is the culmination of several years of experience by a leading independent automotive repair company with a goal-oriented approach to business.  It was developed internally to assist the employees and owner in achieving their goals because there was no alternative available on the market.  There still is no alternative.

Now you can benefit from their effort.  The product now available commercially has been further enhanced and refined.  It is field proven and in daily use at several business-savvy automotive repair shops around the country.  All current users assert that they would never give it up.  Once you use it, you will quickly feel the same way....


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