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In an ever more competitive and changing automotive repair industry, business consulting and training is critical for most shop owners not only to survive but to thrive.

As a training and consulting company, you have a business to run, and a partnership with QuickTrac is the perfect way to improve your profitability and success.

The Challenge:

  • differentiate your offering with proof of performance, or verifiable performance guarantees
  • increase productivity and handle more customers with the same skilled staff
  • reduce or eliminate travel time to customer sites
  • dramatically reduce data collection time and effort
  • increase business data accuracy
  • get real-time visibility into the performance of the customer
  • spend less time on defining, more on coaching and resolving customer problems
  • focus time on the customers that need the most attention
  • demonstrate and  quantify the effectiveness of an implemented recommendation
  • prove to customers which training classes will benefit them most
  • re-engage customers who may have attended a training once
  • convert one-time customers into customers for life
  • have customers that make or give great referrals

The Answer: QuickTrac
QuickTrac is a Web-based tool that, when deployed and used at your customer site, accomplishes ALL of the above. 

QuickTrac does not compete with your business. It complements and enhances your effectiveness, benefiting your clients.

QuickTrac provides the diagnostics. You provide the fix in the form of recommendations or classes to shop owners to help them solve their problems.

How can you leverage QuickTrac?
Recommend QuickTrac to your customers. As a reseller, you will create a monthly revenue stream as a royalty share.  QuickTrac delivers the service, but the customer remains your customer.  And we offer the option to have the service branded with your company name and logo.

Co-marketing benefits
QuickTrac will recommend and promote your training and consulting company as Partners on its web site and through other marketing activities.



Training / Consulting Companies

1550 Rupert NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
616-364-4001 616-299-9298
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2222 Emmett Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 526-3039
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MDH Automotive Services
3591 Tressla, Vassar, MI 48758
toll-free 1-888-727-9288
fax 989-868-4990

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